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From beginning conditioning to advanced bodybuilding programs, whether online or in person, Rich Kahle brings over 20 years of hands on experience working with clients from 10 to 102! As an athlete, he became a beacon of what a lifetime drug-free athlete can be.  From a Hall of Fame Powerlifting career to running a marathon in defiance of a heart condition to becoming a professional bodybuilder after age 40!  Let him bring his knowledge and experience to create a lasting solution to your body's problems.  Click Here for more information.


Forget fad diets and trendy quick fix, infomercial driven programs.  You know a hundred different diets.  You need someone that will help you overcome the obstacles and pick you up when you stumble.  Consult with a true professional that understands the challenges of living a healthy, results driven eating plan.  Imagine having a nutritionist, personal chef, and counselor supporting you and your goals.  

Vision, Passion, And Attitude

The critical difference between average and outstanding is not knowledge.  Know how is just a Google search away.  The fulcrum to your success is creating a vision that pulls you forward, a passion that makes you love the process, and an attitude that protects, powers and projects that dream onto your reality.  This is the championship mentality that RIch Kahle used to set world records in his powerlifting career and to reshape his physique at age 40.